Vernal Equinox


Myles is chillin', waiting for the "porch glacier" to thaw

With the onset of the spring equinox, I look forward to many things; the joy of discovering green shoots of the earliest spouters on warm days, the longer stretches of light across slowly thawing fields, the purple-red hue of the tree tips reaching towards the sun. Unfortunately, I seem to have picked up one of the ugliest of spring friends: the common cold. This one has been a doozy, laying me out in a grumpy haze of blubbering coughs and Nyquill induced visions, much to the chagrin of my closer friends and family. Life is so funny sometimes. Why is it that I seem to always get sick on the busiest of weekends? Maybe it just was the perfect storm. Last week, I got to be all bright and sunny on a wonderfully needed vacay with my lovely Mom and sis down in the boondocks of the southern shores, i.e: Hotlanta and Coastal Georgia. Imagine ocean breeze drifting through spanish moss laden oak trees. Mmmmmmm... honey to the ears of a winter worn New England soldier. I got some Vitamin D and some well spent time with family, but I think that during the 24 plus hour drive I may have also picked up this nasty bug from, where? a New Jersey rest stop? Or maybe it was the Cracker Barrel bathroom in one of the Carolinas? Who knows? But, its been such a treat really- thank you Universe! Sarcasm aside, it was truly worth the price to hear the ocean, see the sun rise, and feel its warmth for a few days. I plan on doing another post about this trip, but here are a couple snaps... IMG_2147 IMG_2096 IMG_2031 But on to the busy weekend! I had been planning flowers for this past Saturday for the past few months for a cute skier couple who were getting married on the slopes in Stowe. Very laid back, elegant creative and simple. I got a chance to order some of the beautiful stuff being grown right now in our Pacific Northwest. Lilacs, anemones, ranunculus, roses, sweet pea, hellebores, muscari and tulips all got to play. I loved that they decided to make their wedding, literally, a phenomenal spring ski day. Lili and Nick got married on the slopes that morning, than skied all day long with the reception that night at their favorite apres-ski sushi bar. I decided to make the flowers seasonally specific, cold hearty and complimentary to their color scheme, whites and purple. I realize that the birch thing has been a bit overdone in the wedding world, but there is something so lovely about birch as a foil against spring flowers. I tried to do something new with it by not only adhering it to the mason jars, but allowing it to curl on its own naturally, as well as wrap it on the insides of the vases. Each jam jar took on its own unique feel. I think the beauty of the birch is not only the white roughness of the bark, but the beautiful earth tones that reveal itself on the underside. IMG_2166


hellebores could be my favorite cold hearty crop, the colors they come in are also quite unique

















The bridal bouquet!!! Being modeled by Judes-aka- Mom, my ever faithful extra hand






The cake was made by the grooms mother Dorothy, who was a sweet and patient lady

 As always, I am reminded to stay in the present moment, and stay grounded in my day to day, to enjoy all the curveballs life has to offer, which is so difficult sometimes. Even though I would love to plow forward to the long warm lush days of summer, I try to relish the slowness of the Vermont "Springtime" and use that as a chance to look back on the winter, see where I have been and how I can grow moving forward, not rushing at all. Coming up in some more posts: pickled black-eyed peas, getting buzzed at the VT Flower show, and seed purchasing!