I recently went back on Facebook after a long hiatus, for a few reasons, but one of the biggest being to re acquire photographs.  Going through all of them, I realized that through each trip or journey I have been on, I  have some kind of experience with photographing plants and flowers. Flowers beguile me with their never ending variety and sensual charm, each unique in color, fragrance, and visual complexity.  They are intriguing little buggers, basically the genitalia of the plant; the flashy calling card for each plant's DNA, and the assurance of it's continued legacy. This post is dedicated to all of those lovely beauties I have run into over the years on my journeys and the stories behind them. It being the middle of February and Valentines Day I also thought it might be nice to take a stroll down memory lane with all the blooms I have met in my life thus far, and to show a bit of gratitude. Enjoy.


Hibiscus, Maya Tulum, Mexico

This beauty I captured while in a yoga teacher training in Tulum Mexico. I used no filters, just managed to pick up the stunning color variations while the light was hitting it perfectly in the long hours of a Mexican afternoon. Imagine sitting in the sand near this one while sipping a fresh margarita, sounds nice right about now!


Bundled tulips, Daffodils and Forsythia, PSU Farmers Market, Portland, Oregon


Bearded Iris, Portland, Oregon

 I lived in Portland for a year in 2008-09, and one of the things that was so amazing about living there was not only  the availability of flowers and local fresh produce year round, but the fact that things GROW there and get HUGE; something that just doesn't happen in good ole' VT.


Flower Harvest, Hale Akua Garden Farm, Huelo, Maui

I lived on Maui, Hawaii for three months in 2013 on an organic farm. Every Friday we harvested. Two of our biggest crops were these bad boys, New Zealand spinach and edible flowers. The flower mix consisted of nasturtiums, calendula, allium flowers, chive heads. They were not only beautiful but sweet and peppery. Did you know you can eat most any vegetables flower? Arugula flowers are delicious! In fact, some of the original "salads" were just vegetable  and herb flowers. Squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta and fried is one of my favorite dishes from childhood.





East Shore Vineyard, Grand Isle, Vermont

These three images are of the wildflowery wilderness that was adjacent to one of the vineyards I worked on for a season in Grand Isle, Vermont. I love how many colors are captured in this naturally occurring collection of berries and flowers. These types of occurrences are truly what inspire my floral design, I love the organic, wild quality. The composition is perfectly created by nature; variations in shape, and scale, as well as a beautiful palette. I can only hope my designs turn out like this.






secret gardens, Florence,  Montepulciano, and Rome, Italy

I was unbelievably lucky to have been able to go to Italy with my family in 2010. These are just a few shots of some of the local flora and how it combines with the stunning and ancient architecture of Italy. I can't take credit for all of these pictures, some where taken by my multi-talented sister, Carolynn.


Tree Peonies, Montreal Botanical Gardens

I didn't take this picture and haven't seen these yet, but I am dreaming of them today and have plans to go and smell these in the Spring. Is it May yet?