Acadia_National_Park_1893__Mt_Desert_Isle__fixed.jpg.w300h368 Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island is hands down one of my absolute favorite places I have visited thus far in my life. Recently, I got to go there TWICE in one month:) Lets just say I was reinvigorated spiritually. My family has traveled to the Maine coast traditionally every summer. I have fond memories of my mother, younger sister and I locking ourselves out of our beige Isuzu Trooper and having to jerry rig handmade lock openers out of found objects; (or my sister being the smallest and tiniest would stick her arm through the cracked window.) Or the time we couldn't back our trailer properly and almost got stuck in a ditch. Suffice to say- we have had many mishaps on our camping excursions, but have always traveled back partly because it is stupendously beautiful, and partly because we have so many memories there. I have always recharged myself in Maine. Its rugged coastline, soggy mornings, sparkling sunshine, and briny air have always breathed life back into me when I am feeling down or uninspired with life. The open space of the ocean and sky allows my soul to breathe a bit better. This time, I saw Acadia in its fall wardrobe. I used a chrome filter-but this is the only way the pictures could ever look true to life. The oranges and reds popped against the hazy grey of the sky. The mountains and u-shaped valleys are all products of glacial carving, which has resulted in the granite bedrock becoming so smooth in places it almost looks like a paved sidewalk. I remember learning abut the island's geology at nature programs as a kid, and being geeked out even then. The National Park itself has an amazing history both geologically and culturally. I saw this 1930's "story map" hanging in a diner while I was there and fell in love, (the original lives at Martha Stewart's house of course):


One of the wonderful things about the Park is how many sweet little hikes there are. The one below was Gorham Mountain...but if you are afraid of heights think twice about the "iron rungs on ledges" type trails such as; "the beehive" I maybe had a full blown panic attack on that one. IMG_1089



I love this image above. Mt. Desert island is very mossy and lichen-y. The painter in me slightly freaked out when I saw this. Here we have a naturally developed color palette! Cool tones of velvety blue black, mauve pink, granite, against the warm pops of orange and bright red! IMG_1094




If you have ever been to a meditation workshop, or at least listened to one of those DVD's or online tutorials on "how to meditate", sometimes you get asked, "Think of a place where you feel completely safe, where you are at peace, somewhere in nature." This is that place for me. I know that is totally corny/cheesy but I can be that way sometimes.