wedding machine


There is something about creating wedding flowers that turns me into a over-caffeinated crazy person, in the best way possible.  I have learned to embrace the manic energy that consumes me as I wake up at the crack of dawn to over manipulate small pieces of greenery and petals into those little darlings of the wedding world: boutonnieres (as well as all the other floral accoutrements that accompany a wedding party).  It  can be unbelievably frustrating or just ungodly time consuming. I actually love making them. I love how crazed I feel as I struggle to move my tiny fingers in just such a way to hold a piece of lilly grass onto a hydrangea floret. There is something meditative about it; in a weird way. The whole process of creating these fleeting compositions that will be enjoyed for a few hours at most is, in a way, a practice in non-attachment. So much energy, time and creativity poured into works of art that will be dead in 24 hours. It's crazy when you think about it. I love it. Here are a few images from a wedding I did last weekend! Enjoy!