Carolynn and Addison

CarolynnAddisonWedding-6548 A little over a year ago my lovely and amazing sister Carolynn married a wonderful man named Addison Ashbaugh. Yes that is really his name. My whole family and close friends gathered to a little island off the coast of North Carolina where they tied the knot. The wedding was a beautiful, lush, small intimate celebration. I was fortunately able to create all of her personal pieces, which was insanely fun because we have very similar styles. She wanted it to primarily be in the color range of corals, peaches, and yellows with hints of pale blue. We ended up going with navy blue ribbon for her bouquet which was a startlingly perfect combo with the warmth of the other tones. I wanted to also capture the lushness of the southern setting in her bouquets, so we sent off hunting and gathering parties into the hinterlands of the island to forage for sticks, twigs and berries. It was great to see what came back: lots of local flora. I was able to incorporate little pepper berry type vines, mossy sticks, and other wildflowers into the bouquets which added so much depth to the pieces. I like to quip that it became, "woodland fairy princess meets old school southern charm meets greek goddess". CarolynnAddisonWedding-6207

Check out the mani on those nails! CarolynnAddisonWedding-5373

Bridesmaid Bouquets pre-ribbon wrap on the veranda CarolynnAddisonWedding-6394

shiny happy people


I used delphinium florets and singular hydrangea florets for the cake


Bridesmaid Bouquet


The greek goddess meets woodland fairy princess


The locket had a picture of our father from back in the day


I look unquestionably tired, but a happy camper nonetheless.

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