Common Ground Country Fair

IMG_1006This was an amazing structure created by The Beehive Collective. The most intricate and beautiful prints on cloth I have seen in awhile.

IMG_1025Freshly harvested Maine Coxcomb. Gotta love it.

IMG_1026Oxen in a yoke

Two weekends ago I got a chance to experience the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity Maine. I had heard about it for years but hadn't had the chance to experience it. These pictures are just a few that I snapped. It was truly inspiring, filled with "salt of the earth" type new englanders young and old. Beautiful warm weather settled in on the fields that are tilled and cultivated by MOFGA, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association; they are the folks that throw this amazing shindig.  For anyone who is into "homesteading" or building things from scratch-this fair is right up your alley. This fair had everything from how to make kraut to how to utilize horses for tilling soil the old school way.