Unique, creative and personalized floral design focusing solely on events and weddings

My inspiration comes from nature, and I focus my work on the wilder, more natural state of flowers. I have over nine years of experience working as a floral designer in Chicago with events florists and boutiques such as  Fleur, A New Leaf, and  A Stem Above; as well as a stint in Portland, Oregon with Geranium Lake.  

My work has an emphasis on seasonal, locally available flowers, as well as foraged materials. Although I am inclined toward a more organic look, I personalize each event to each clients’ style. I can create a polished, modern look or use a more traditional composition. I treat each floral piece (whether it is a boutonniere or an arrangement) like a painting, and put the utmost care into everything I create.  I love to work with a variety of clients, and work hard to create the perfect event or wedding suited to your budget and needs.

To get the ball rolling, contact me and we can set up an appointment and talk flowers!


About Me

I am Laura.  I love creating things with my hands and am passionate about flowers. Ever since I was a small tyke, I have always felt the need to make. I studied printmaking at art school in Maine where I greatly enjoyed the detail oriented process.  Finding my way to Chicago I discovered the  fun and challenging profession of floral design. I am inspired by the ephemeral nature of flowers, their constant variety, and of course their beauty. 

 When not playing with flowers, you will find me hiking in the woods, in a hot yoga class, or cooking a delicious meal. One day I hope to grow my own flowers, care for my own bees, and be as self sufficient as possible, all while finding the time to travel to far away places.